Monday, February 15, 2010

Part TWO of the Kenya Blog!!!

It's a Tuesday morning and I have been up since 6AM trying to get out...but so many things have been holding me of them being trying to figure out how to get on this blog and add something!!! AND i think i have it!!!!! and my one and now TWO followers can read more.

My plan today is to go up and have a meeting with William Kabbis, headmaster of Mbaka Oromo Primary and Secondary Schools. Then I will go to Kisumu and try to get the necessary items to set up and an office for our Coordinator of the Dispensary Project, Noel Shinali. We will also try to arrange another meeting with Hilda Ayieko, the WesternNayanza District Health Officer. I will also try to get some new tires for my new car!... I will elaborate on the car to get going.... "A" ( my oneREAL follower...I hope I can live up to the "Tall Mans" cool blogs!!!
jemo/SM/jim in Kenya!

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